Do I Really Need To Book A Hotel?

We can include a name of a well-known hotel in your invitation for form’s sake without you having to actually book the hotel. This way the consular requirements will be observed and once in Russia, you will be able to choose accommodation in accordance with your convenience.

I Have Booked A Hotel In Russia. Do I Still Need An Invitation?

Hotel booking confirmation and visa support documents (invitation) are not the same thing. Confirmation from a hotel is only sufficient if a hotel is authorized to provide visa support for foreign citizens. Only first class hotels (such as Sheraton, Marriott, etc.) are entitled to do this. If you book another hotel, you should also present a letter of invitation from an authorized tour company in order to get a visa.

How To Apply Russia Visa In Malaysia?

To obtain a Russian visa, you first need to obtain an invitation (visa support) issued by an authorized organization. Then you should take that invitation to the Russian consulate in your country in order to obtain an actual visa. We at can handle this for you.

Do Malaysian Need A Visa To Enter Russia?

A Russian visa is required for nationals of most countries. However, recently Russia established a visa free regime with several European, Asian and South American countries. To check whether the visa free regime is applicable in your case, please contact the Russian consulate in your country.